About Our Equine Insurance

Horses can be expensive not just when purchasing them, but when looking after them too. We can give you that peace of mind and organise insurance for horses and stables, horse riding and veterinary bills. Our policies can range from leisure horse to competition horse insurance policies, covering all types of horse riding.

Equine Insurance Advice

Access the best advice for equine insurance in the UK. Our team of advisors are on hand to provide quotes for all types of horse, rider and veterinary cover. For a bespoke equine insurance quote, or if you have any questions concerning our cover please contact us.

Types Of Equine Insurance

Leisure Horse Insurance and Competition Horse & Horse Riding Insurance

Leisure horse insurance is also designed for older horses as well as offering full veterinary cover for accidents, sickness and disease for horses up to 25 years old. Riding and Competition horse insurance is probably the most popular, designed to cover people who are looking for the most comprehensive horse insurance.

Liability Insurance and Horse Trainer/Riding School Insurance

This equine insurance is centred towards equestrian businesses to cover anything ranging from riding and competitions, pony clubs and rallies. We can also provide insurance for riding schools and private yards as well as personal liability cover whether you are a freelance instructor or trainer.

Racehorse Insurance

Do you own a racehorse? We can cover any and all your breed stock and stallions for those award-winning races. If you also need racehorse owners liability insurance, we can provide an insurance policy covering public liability for racehorses so you don’t have to worry in the event of a third party being injured or any damages to their property.

For more information, please contact us.