If you own a commercial property, whether it is your home or a new business, Quintessentially Covered has the commercial business insurance to suit your needs. We can cover everything from buildings insurance, contents insurance and accidental damage to property owners’ liability, employers’ liability and loss of rent cover. If you own one property or a portfolio of properties, we can tailor-make a policy that will be suited to your circumstances. Countless people assume that it is only the building that you have to agonise over; however, it is also essential to consider the tenants or staff living or working there, as well as the contents.

From all over the UK, we offer cover for all types of business properties from houses that are rented out to shops up for let to your own business. This commercial business insurance will cover damage in the event of a disaster such as fires, floods or lightning and even for unforeseen accidents that cause damage to your property or/and its contents. We can also protect the contents of your building, including repairs to walls, cupboards and other specified items on the premises if it is furnished. Finally, if you are renting out a property you can cover yourself against the losses should the property become uninhabitable due to repairs, or in the event that your tenants fail to pay their rent.

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